Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are the small piece of code which is saved in the your browser and save the data like when you visit our website or what you did on our websites like login or logout from a website or you just download the file from our website. The cookies save in your browser and data is saved into your hard drive.

How does Oneuploads use Cookies?

We save a cookie in user browser and it has basic information about the user like user id. And their IP address and when he/she visit our website. We use a cookie to improve the your experience of using our website. We check how frequently particular pages are visited and we can determine the most popular page of our website. Our Cookies Expire in 30 days.

Register User Cookies

We save our register user login session and cookies in their browser to check their experience on our website and also we facilitate the user if they close the tab and again open it we save the cookies in the browser so he/she can again open our dashboard in their new tab. They don’t need to log in again.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics cookies are only used for traffic analysis we don’t have any information of our users. All session and cookies handle by google analytics team. We just track the user through Google Analytics and see how many people online on our website and also user stats.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an advertisement company they save their cookies in the browser to improve their ads experience with the audience. They show the ads according to the user interested to get a better response from users. And these cookies are using by google so we don’t have access to these cookies.